Hassle Free e-Commerce

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Setting up an e-commerce site can be quite daunting you will need to consider so many things:

  • Do I offer a big enough rage of products ?
  • Can I integrate an online store with my existing business ?
  • How do I handle onlide credit card sales?
  • Will my shop be found on Google and other search engines?
  • How much will it all cost?

Aside from the purely business decisions your online site will need both speed and reliability. When a customer walks into a shop he may spend a couple of minutes or more before deciding he cannot find what he wants. Naturally as a good salesman, you make sure that all your products are easy to find. After all, why risk losing a sale once a potential customer has walked in the door? With an online shop, potential buyers make this decision in seconds. If your site is slow or they cannot see what they are looking for at first glance they move on.

X-Shops store hosting is a great way to ensure your ecommerce web site will get the proven design, speed and reliability that it deserves. In addittion we offer sensible, practical advice about online sales. We have our own online shops which are in Google's first page of results. In fact British Braces ranks first for most search terms involving men's braces. In a few short years this online shop has gone from startup to the UK's number one site for trouser braces.

We utilise the popular X-Cart as our preferred software solution as it has consistenly proved itself capable of handling both small startups and larger stores with thousands of products. This software has an intuitive interface and has grown into a very stable mature e-commerce platform. We have worked with X-Cart software for years and have many custom scripts to use. So if the software doesn't do exactly what is required, we can offer a bespoke solution. We have the software, programming and design expertise to make sure your online stores works the way you want it to.

Software alone is not enough, you will also need a fast, reliable web server, storage space, domain name, back up, and more...

This is where we step in, we take this worry away from you with a no worries rental package that gets you up and running as soon as possible, whilst making sure that your online is good fit for your business.

X-Shops for Hassle Free e-Commerce

Domain Name hassle free online store rental
Store Backup
24/7 Support
Call Centre
Monthly maintenance (site /database)
Google/Yahoo  XML sitemap
Data restoration in case of hardware failure
Live chat and dedicated messenger support
Multiple email facilities
Remote support facilies
Windows front end to manage sales