Christmas Snow

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XMOD Christmas Snow

A free module that adds a snowfall effect to the front page. Once installed you can adjust parameters and switch the snow on and off using a simple checkbox. The module uses javascript from The effect is demonstrated here with darker and coloured snow so that it is obvious against our light pages.

module settings within X-Cart

How it Works

A small javascript file is invoked which creates a snow effect using the asterisk character in a variety of sizes, light colours and fonts. The snowfall script stand alone and is not dependant upon any libraries such as jquery etc.

How do I use it?

Simply turn snow on or off using the "Snowflakes Active" checkbox in the module settings. Additional setting are available to configure quantity speed and size. Which settings suit your shopping site is a matter of taste, play with the settings and see.

XCart Compatibility

This module has been tested and is guaranteed to work with the following versions.

  • 4.5x
  • 4.6x
This module should work on version 4.4x, however use with versions earlier than 4.4x is at your own risk.

Module Installation

If this is your first XMOD Module then you just need to follow the common installation as shown on the modules installation page (xmod.php).

Ioncube Installation

All our modules require IonCube to be installed and running on your server. Most hosting vendors install IonCube as a PHP extension by default. To check whether IonCube is installed, upload the install files and run <>\<xcart folder>\xmods\ioncube to launch a status page.

Module Options

As noted above, options for this module are presented within X-Cart in the usual fashion. Further amendments are possible by editing the javascript calls, however this is very much at your own risk.

How to obtain this module

This module can be downloaded here. In order to install you will need a user id please use XMCS9999.
Click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make enquiries about including this module on other sites.

click here to download the christmas snow module

Module Updates

Any updates for this module will be made available on this page.

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