How Remote Support Works

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What is Remote Support?

The Remote Support tool is there for computer problems that don't require a PC Engineer to be physically present. PC problems such as a non functioning program, driver issues, program tutorials and viruses can be solved remotely by a computer engineer. This doesn't only save you time, but also money. A remote fix can be cheaper and much less time consuming then calling a computer engineer or taking your machine to a repair centre.

During a Remote Support session, there is a constant connection between the engineers computer and the clients computer/laptop. This connection is a 100% safe and will not affect your systems security or personal files.

Remote Support allows us to show the user how to fix problems, so they feel empowered and have the future knowledge to deal with similar issues.


How do I connect to a Remote Support session?

To start a Remote Support session, go to our remote support page. Scroll down the page and hit the download button. You will automatically receive the correct download for your operating system. Be sure to select "Run" and "Accept" when prompted.

Should your firewall, anti-virus or other security software warn you about running the remote control program, be asured that the program is both secure and 100% virus free. Once you download and run the program, simply enter your name and optionally ypur company to be placed in a queue.


What happens during a Remote Support session?

Once the connection between the engineer and your computer is established, you will see this window appear on your computer.

When you see this window, it means that an engineer now has access to your computer. Please note that a client can close this connection at any time by clicking "End Session".

A technician chatting with a customer


You can also communicate with the engineer by clicking on the "Technicians Chat" button. Once you click the button, the following window will open.

As soon as the connection is established, the engineer can start to resolve the problem. Any questions you may have can be asked through the technicians chat. The technician will notify you using chat if he or she requires your assistance.


Which computer problems can't be solved with Remote Support?

Although remote support can be used to deal with a large amount of IT problems, there are certain problems that can't be solved by remote support. A client cannot use the remote support on the following problems:

  • No Internet connection
  • A failing Internet connection due to a Internet destroying virus
  • Hardware problems such as a malfunctioning graphics card, motherboard, etc.Although these problems can be diagnosed over remote support, they can't be fixed over remote support.


After the remote support session?

Once the fixes have been implemented on your computer during the remote support session, the engineer will close the connection. No software will be left behind and your computer will be left secure, safe and in it's original state. The only changes on your computer will be the fixes that have been implemented by the engineer.

In some cases the client may require a persistent connection. A persistent connection is a saved connection between the clients computer and X-Shops. This connection is a 100% secure and will only be used on request of the client. A persistent connection is often used for business support or clients that need a quick response. A persistent connection does not have to be initiated by the client, but can be started by the engineer at the clients request.


Remote Support: hints & tips

Please take the following points into account during a remote support session:

  • Do not attempt to help the computer engineer during the remote support session, unless the engineer asks you to. 
  • It is advised that the client is with the computer during the remote support session. Although it is not obligated, it is often advised should the engineer require your help.
  • A connection may seem slow on a poor internet connection. However, even on a slow connection, our engineers will work efficiently to fix your computer problem.
  • Our Remote Support is designed to get through most firewalls. If the connection is hindered by a firewall, the engineer will ask you to disable it.

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